What is


Pilates is a movement modality designed to awaken the innate intelligence of the body that has been with you since birth.

As this intelligence awakens, you may quickly notice feeling stronger, more agile, naturally standing taller, or sitting up straighter.

Pilates as exercise is designed to strengthen your core neuromusculoskeletal system, thereby increasing your strength, flexibility, stamina and tone.

Breathing and concentration play a tremendous role in the engagement of the exercises particularly to improve the foundation of stability which many of us, especially as we get older, may find a challenge due to rigidity from non-supported movement.

Joseph Pilates designed this system based on the principles of yoga, gymnastics, and martial arts, making it a full body workout, including cardiovascular, without impact to the spine and joints, and the student can make his or her practice as gentle or intense as he/she desires.

Who Can Do Pilates?

Almost anyone can do Pilates. It is always recommended that you get permission from a medical practitioner if you have specific physical challenges, but there are very few people who are not able to do this exercise form.

The age range is indefinite and many people are turning to Pilates for longevity and a better quality of life for their future years. More professional athletes are turning to Pilates as they discover the benefits and longevity it can bring to their careers.

Can Pilates Help Spinal Issues?

Yes. More and more doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors are recommending Pilates to their clients because it is designed to strengthen and lengthen the muscles that support the spine.

How Long Is A Session?

Most Pilates sessions are approximately 55 minutes in length and most consider the time to fly by very quickly.

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